10 Delicious Reasons Berkeley, CA Belongs On Your Bucket List

When I first moved to Berkeley in 2012 as an incoming freshman at the University of California-Berkeley, the area’s thriving food scene was what I was most excited to explore. From the iconic Chez Panisse restaurant (the birthplace of the farm-to-table movement) in North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto to the caf├ęs and no-frills lunch spots on Telegraph Avenue just off Berkeley’s south campus, there was so much to do and eat.

In the beginning, I stayed pretty close to my dorm, only sometimes daring to venture outside the campus’ perimeter. But as I grew into a more confident upperclassman (with a car, to boot), I took advantage of every bite (and eventually, sip) that Berkeley had to offer. Yes, I crossed Chez Panisse off of my culinary bucket list (with my parents, obviously), but I also discovered dozens of restaurants, diners, and bakeries that I would come back to far more regularly as a student (and visit every time I make a trip back to Berkeley).