12 Insider Secrets from Restaurant Kitchens (That You Can Use at Home) — Tips from The Kitchn

When it comes to top-notch restaurants, head chefs often rack up the attention and acclaim. But ask anyone who has worked behind the scenes in restaurants and they’ll tell you: The cooks are the ones who make the kitchen run.

They know how to peel 100 potatoes while simultaneously boiling perfectly al dente pasta. They’re hyper-organized and efficient, and their demanding workload combined with their desire to prepare perfect food means they have some seriously valuable cooking tricks up their sleeves.

I know this because I was lucky enough to spend several years working in professional kitchens — and learned some of my best, ultra-practical cooking tricks from the mentors and coworkers I met in them. They taught me how to work smarter (not necessarily harder!) and many of the tips and techniques they taught me I still use today in my home kitchen. Here are 12 of them.