3 Things We Learned From the Ready-to-Read series for kids

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I have five kids and reading has always been an important part of our home. My parents taught me the love of reading when I was young, and this is something that I work hard to instill in my own kids. It gets easier to teach the love of reading to my younger kids because they have grown up seeing their older siblings reading. My 7-year-old daughter especially loves reading and will look forward to snuggling up in bed with mom and dad at the end of the day to read her favorite stories. We were recently introduced to the Ready-to-Read series, which is perfect for her age group. She went from us reading her stories to being able to read us her favorite books because they are right at her star level.

About Ready-to-Read Series

Ready-to-Read is designed to turn every child into a reading star with five levels that help develop young readers. From nonfiction series to original stories and everything in between, Ready-to-Read has something for everyone! Ready-to-Read books are published by Simon Spotlight, a division of Simon & Schuster, and recommended for ages 4-10.


The goal of the Ready-to-Read series is to help turn kids into reading stars. There are five star levels that are designed to helping kids learn to read step-by-step. A beginning reader has the opportunity to read a Stellar Starter book, which would help them learn things like sight words and rhyming. A mid-level reader may be a Star Reader and focus on sounding out words with a story that has a simple plot. My daughter has been reading for a few years now, so we had the opportunity to review three books from the Megastar Reader level. It doesn’t matter what level you are on, you are a reading star!


The three Ready-to-Read books that my daughter and I have been reading together are:


  1. True Colors! The Story of Crayola
  2. The Great American Story of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang!
  1. You Should Meet… Lin-Manuel Miranda

As a parent, I loved reading these books with my daughter because not only is she become a better reader, but she is learning about topics that she otherwise may not have learned about. Plus, as a parent, I am able to take away some facts from the books that I didn’t know. My favorite was The Great American Story of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang! because the Peanuts was a comic strip I loved reading when I was young, and I learned some new fun facts with her. There are so many fun ways to learn with these books. Here are 3 things we learned from the Ready-to-Read series for kids.

3 Things We Learned from the Ready-to-Read Series for Kids

Learning to read can be a lot of fun. These books help kids learn the basic skills of reading through  the Ready-to-Go level to Level Three. It is fun seeing your kids sound a word out for the first time and the smile they get on their face. With the 3 things we learned, we are going to focus more on the fun side of learning from these books.

  1. Fun Facts – These books are packed full of fun facts about the topic. They use fun pictures and bright colors to tell a story and teach your kids. My daughter loved learning all about the Peanuts gang from the beginning of their story. She was able to learn about Charles Schulz, how the Peanuts become a favorite comic strip, about the Charlie Brown movies, and more. To test your kids’ knowledge on what they learned, there is a quiz in the back of the book. My daughter was excited to take this quiz and show off all of the different facts that she learned.
  2. History – I love books. I love when my kids can get lost in a story and their imagination gets put to work. I especially love books where my kids learn something new. The History of Fun Stuff books were cool because she was able to learn historical facts about how things happen. For instance, did you know that the creators of Crayola crayons won a gold medal at the 1904 World’s Fair? Cool, right? My daughter learned that fact while reading True Colors! The Story of Crayola. Learning our history is so important to our kids, and these Ready-to-Read books make learning fun. My daughter loves art and coloring and loved learning more about the history of the crayon.
  3. Activities – At the back of the books, you can find fun activities that relate to the book you read, like learning how to make abstract art, learning how to write your play, and learning how to draw Charlie Brown. This is a fun way for kids to put in to play the things that they learned in their book. I think that it is important for a kid to read a book, learn how to process it and talk about it, and then have an activity that helps them apply what they learn. I really think that kids become better readers and better learners through this process.

We loved having the opportunity to learn more about Ready-to-Read books. They are perfect for the reluctant young reader and for the motivated reader. Having multiple star levels allows the young reader to learn at the level they are at. All Ready-to-Read titles have been vetted by educational experts to adhere to the latest reading guidelines, and each level is designed to help children confidently grasp new reading concepts. Ready-to-Read books bring the focus back to fun while still offering parents and educators well-crafted, imaginative stories and engaging nonfiction. These series are fun books for young readers ages 4-10. I am excited to introduce the Ready-to-Go level to my youngest when she turns 4. Learn more about these books at ReadytoRead.com.

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