5 Ways to Create a Very Impressive, *Truly* No-Stress Holiday Table

Welcome to Table Ta-Da!, where our art director, Alexis Anthony, shares tips and tricks (along with a little fairy dust) to help you create a wow-worthy table, whether you’re serving two people or 20. Cue the oohs and ahhs

Take a look around you: The holidays are happening! I love this time of year for the palpable buzz that takes over the city, the warm and welcoming smells that waft up from every home kitchen, and of course, all those fun and festive parties that I love to attend and throw. If we’re being honest, though, those parties can get a little tricky. Nothing energizes me more than drawing up a menu for a crowd, but a quick glance at my calendar for the month of December is also enough to induce a little heart-racing. It can all be a bit much.