6 Inspiring New Orleans Restaurants at the Top of My Vacation Eating List

We’ve partnered with OpenTable to highlight some of our favorite restaurants across the country, from neighborhood gems making a difference in their communities to the inspiring spots we’re excited to travel for. Like us, OpenTable is proud to support restaurants making a difference with their Open Kitchen initiative. Here, we share our picks for New Orleans.

I have been hearing people talk about how much they love New Orleans—the food, the jazz, the history, that unmistakable architecture—for what seems like, well, forever. I don’t know what took me so long, but after years of just hearing about it, I’m finally going to get to experience it for myself. After the holiday rush, my parents (plus our little black Maltese-Poodle, Lucy) and I will be making the drive from South Florida (say a prayer for me) all the way up to the Big Easy to spend a few days eating as much as humanly possible. But since I’m a planner when it comes to any vacation, I’ve already got a lineup of uniquely NOLA spots to visit all mapped out.