A Simple (& Very Buttery) Way to Give Thanksgiving Leftovers a New Lease on Life

Ahhh, the day after Thanksgiving. You’re still in a tryptophan-induced haze, wandering around the house in your pajamas and bathrobe, wondering how you’re you’re ever going to cook (or eat) again. But as your family members start waking up, ambling into the kitchen, poking around the fridge, and grabbing forkfuls of turkey and green beans, it’s clear that everyone’s hungry again.

So, what to make? The usual sandwich? Some turkey breakfast burritos or pho, perhaps? No doubt, there are many creative routes you can take to make the most of your leftovers—individually. But there’s somehow always the wayward bowl of roasted carrots, or creamed onions, or slightly dried-out bit of stuffing left to fend for itself (sad!).