Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts

Let’s dive into these Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with walnuts, shall we? I put on Instagram a few weeks ago a question, “Do walnuts belong in chocolate chip cookies?!” I knew the question was divisive but I did it anyway! And boy, were the responses aggressive! People are incredibly opinionated about chocolate chip cookies, rightfully so. Results from the Poll “Do Walnuts Belong in Chocolate Chip Cookies?” 60% of readers voted “Absolutely not!” I felt attacked. 40% of readers voted “Yes, delicious!” I will tell you, I’m not that precious about my chocolate chip cookies. And walnuts happen to be one of my favorite nut varieties! I like them. They can stay. They can sit with us. If you’re in the “absolutely not” camp, don’t worry, this recipe allows you to leave them out completely. Browning Butter for Chocolate Chip Cookies Let’s dive into browning butter for chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as browning butter. You see, when you brown butter, you cook the water out of the butter. Water in butter does a lot for baked goods. It adds moisture and steam. For this recipe for brown butter chocolate chip cookies, we brown the butter […]

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