Catherine Bailey of Heath Ceramics Is Giving Us Stove Envy — My Superpowered Morning

Catherine Bailey, the owner of cult-favorite Heath Ceramics, is not here to fool anyone with an elaborate morning routine. She does not pop out of bed at 4:30 a.m, whisk her own matcha, run a half marathon, and read a print newspaper, all before un-jarring the overnight oats that she prepared in bulk last Sunday. Instead, she’d much rather avoid getting out of bed for as long as possible, before getting sucked into whatever it is that she doesn’t want to get sucked into for the day.

She’s here to keep it real about creativity and productivity — and about how sometimes, instead of running her dearly beloved handmade ceramics company, all she wants to do is forage for wild Alaskan berries and make jam. Girl, same.

If you think about it, it’s actually not all that surprising that the owner of Heath Ceramics keeps it real. She’s devoted the past 15 years to helming the ship at the tabletop and tile business, making sure that her customers have beautiful pieces that they can physically hold onto and cherish for generations to come. The company is both Cathy’s escape and, sometimes, the one thing she needs an escape from.

We caught up with Cathy Bailey to find out what happens when you need a creative outlet from your creative outlet — and she dished on all.