Chipolte Lime Clams with Garlic Buttery Bread

For years I’ve always complained about summer. It’s usually just not my vibe. I like cozy things: food, sweaters, fall leaves, etc. All of that. But this year—maybe it’s because I have central air-conditioning now—is different. It’s fun! Summer foods and flavors have all of a sudden become my absolute favorite. I’m eating all of the corn, tomatoes and seafood. I also have that dang grill that I love and that has really made summer cooking my absolute favorite. These have been on rotation because clams and chipotle and lime are all flavors that go so well together. I used little neck clams but other clams ((like Manila clams) or even mussels would also work. The big key with clams is scrubbing the outside so they’re nice and clean. The ones I got had a pretty good amount of sand on them and that would be in your dish; you definitely don’t want that! This dish goes pretty quickly. The onion and aggressive amount of garlic cloves are cooked until soft. White wine deglazes the pan and then tomato paste and cherry tomatoes are added. The butter is added and then the chipotles in adobo. The sauce thickens and gets […]

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