Chocolate Amaretti Ice Cream Pie

Chocolate Amaretti Ice Cream Pie ... one of our favorite recipes!

Let me tell you how scrumptious this ice cream pie is. I served it after dinner two nights ago and Mr. E exclaimed, "This is EASILY in my top 10 desserts!" The next day, he messaged me from work, "I should have eaten some of that ice cream pie for breakfast this morning." Last night after dinner, he said, "Did I tell you this is on my list of favorite desserts?"

Chocolate Amaretti Ice Cream Pie ... one of our favorite recipes! Easy to make and INCREDIBLY delicious!

Yeah. I guess you could say it's a hit. Not just with Mr. E, but with Jack and me, too. In fact, the three of us are about to finish this baby off any minute now.

Not only is it delicious; it's ridiculously easy to make. The crust is crushed amaretti cookies. Have you had them? These crispy Italian almond cookies are some of my favorites. My grocery store, HEB, sells them packaged, but they're not in the cookie section, they're with the Italian foods. Amazon also sells the same brand (in a case!) and I've also purchased amaretti cookies at World Market.

Start by making a parchment ring inside a springform pan. This will keep the ice cream from getting stuck to the sides of the pan.

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