Christina Tosi's Fall Pound Cake Has a Few Delicious Tricks Up Its Sleeve

I’ve always adored the innovative recipes of genius-pastry chef Christina Tosiā€”and I could live off of the chocolate malt cake truffles she sells at Milk Bar. But it wasn’t until she casually used the phrase “bundt it up” in reference to changing a cake’s shape that I entered full-on swoon mode.

Tosi, whose new book All About Cake comes out next week on Oct. 23, coined this phrase in response to my question about adapting the bake time for her Burnt Miso Pound Cake. This delightful cake is one of many insanely delicious creations in All About Cake. It caught my eye the moment I flipped through the book, and frankly, I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I tried a bite. (Okay, 25 bites.)