Classic Flan

This Classic Flan is a silky smooth, classic version of this traditional Latin American dessert. This caramel-topped custard is gently cooked in the oven until it’s firm to the touch.  My history with flan hasn’t always been a love affair. I grew up eating flan, reluctantly. When we’d go to restaurants there was always someone in our family ordering flan and LOVING it. It just was never me. I’d always try it over and over hoping to fall in love and it never happened. What can I say? I grew up. My tastes changed and now I can’t get enough. I think it’s one of the most magical desserts ever so I couldn’t be more excited for us to be discussing this flan right here. What Is Flan? Let’s talk about basics: what is flan? Flan is a gently cooked custard with a clear glaze of caramel on its top. I like it when the caramel has been cooked until it’s an auburn brown, the texture of the custard is silky smooth and when I can really taste a hint of vanilla. What Are the Main Ingredients to Make Classic Flan? Granulated sugar. The sugar transforms into a thin layer […]

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