Don’t Mess with Texas (Irish)

Texas Notre Dame decorated cookies

Believe it or not, these cookies were not made for Jack. (You're thinking…yeah, right.) Over the summer, we met a nice young man from our parish who was (is) about to start his first year at ND. I thought he needed cookies.

Side note: why do I always think people NEED cookies? Possibly because I think *I* need a cookie several times per day.

Texas Notre Dame decorated cookies ♥ #notredame

I decided to add a little Texas flair to this set, as opposed to this one and this one that I made last year.

Texas Notre Dame decorated cookies ♥ #goirish

Here's where you can find the Notre Dame cookie cutter.

For the cookies, I used my ol' stand-by recipes: perfect cut-out cookies and royal icing.

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