Duvalín Jello

Duvalín Jello is inspired by the Mexican candy Duvalín. This is a chilled jello that has a layer of strawberry, vanilla and lastly, delicious, rich hazelnut chocolate. It’s the perfect no-bake dessert recipe that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, along with being totally gorgeous. Chicano Eats Cookbook This recipe comes from my friend Esteban Castillo’s book, beautiful book. I truly can’t say enough about his cookbook. It’s full of recipes that I want to make over and over. They’re all doable, easily cookable, some meat-driven, some vegetarian, delicious looking desserts and all the drinks you could possibly want for summer and beyond. BUY IT! The Inspiration Esteban says in the headnote that this Jello is inspired by Duvalín candy. I have never had it, admittedly, but I did see it at a Mexican market the other day and it looks EXACTLY like this Jello. There are layers of strawberry, vanilla and hazelnut chocolate. It looks delicious. Gelatina is a popular Mexican dessert that’s essentially a chilled Jello. Esteban combined these two ideas for a beautiful mash-up that everyone will want to eat this summer. No Bake But the Waiting Game While this recipe is super easy—there is zero baking—there […]

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