Gobble, baby!

double-decker turkey cookies | bakeat350.net

This post isn't exactly what I'd envisioned. I made these cookies last year…just before Thanksgiving and never had a chance to post them. I did set a reminder on my phone to post them this week, and every time I saw that reminder, I would think, "I must have some really great photos of those cookies stored away."

Not so. I have 4 iPhone photos and no tutorial. BUT, I still wanted to post them because…
A. that little turkey is so dang cute, you might need to make it, and
B. there's a little story behind this set.

GOBBLE BABY > double-decker turkey cookies | bakeat350.net

First…the turkey cookies are inspired by Melissa Joy Cookies. You can find her darling cookies on Instagram here. They're double-decker! You know I love a double-decker!

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