Here's How to Make the Thanksgiving Sandwich Ross Threw a Fit Over on Friends

Image Source: Nicole Perry / POPSUGAR Food

Friends‘ decade-long run gave us many memorable Thanksgiving moments – Monica’s turkey hat, Rachel’s beefy English trifle, the one where Chandler spends Thanksgiving in a shipping crate – but Ross’s tantrum over the loss of his Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich arguably tops them all.

Image Source: Nicole Perry / POPSUGAR Food

Image Source: Nicole Perry / POPSUGAR Food

As you might remember, this innovation of Monica’s – a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich made with a gravy-soaked piece of bread – is “the only good thing going on in” Ross’s life. It is so tasty that when Ross’s boss steals it from the office fridge, Ross has a meltdown of truly epic proportions.

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Curious, we re-created this iconic take on Thanksgiving leftovers to see if it is truly meltdown-worthy. Aside from the gravy-soaked bread center, the makings of this sandwich are sort of vague, so we took some liberties. Since it’s a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich, layers of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce seemed natural, as did traditional sandwich fixings like a bit of mayo and lettuce.

Image Source: Nicole Perry / POPSUGAR Food

All in all, it’s a very big, very messy, carb-centric sandwich. If you’re a fan of french-fry-stuffed Pittsburgh sandwiches, we’d wager you’ll be a fan. If, like us, you find carbs on carbs to be a bit overwhelming, it’s likely more of a novelty than your new favorite way to eat leftover turkey and gravy.

Image Source: Nicole Perry / POPSUGAR Food

Full (shameful) disclosure: like Ross’s boss, we found it to be “quite large” and “had to throw most some of it away.” Unless you have a big appetite, we suggest splitting it with a friend.

Image Source: Nicole Perry / POPSUGAR Food

Moist Maker Turkey Sandwich

From Nicole Perry, POPSUGAR Food


The amounts of ingredients are approximate; adjust to taste and the size of bread you’re using.


  1. 3 slices bread
  2. Mayonnaise, to taste
  3. Cranberry sauce, to taste
  4. A few slices of roast turkey
  5. 1-2 tablespoons turkey gravy
  6. 2 leaves of red or green leaf lettuce
  7. About 1/2 cup stuffing


  1. Toast the bread. For structural integrity, toast the bread on the darker side (especially with the slice that will become the moist maker). Spread 1 slice with mayonnaise, 1 with cranberry sauce. Top the cranberry-sauced slice with turkey.
  2. Spread a couple tablespoons of gravy in a shallow dish. Dip the remaining piece of bread in the gravy on both sides, spreading it evenly.
  3. Put the gravy-soaked piece of bread on top of the turkey. Put the lettuce on top of that. Put a layer of stuffing on top of the lettuce, and top the sandwich with the mayonnaise-spread piece of bread. Carefully cut the sandwich in half.