Homemade Apple Pie

Welcome to an entire post about my favorite autumnal topic: Homemade Apple Pie. This pie is PERFECTION. Simple and classic; it’s the apple pie version of the perfect white t-shirt we spend years searching for. This is of course an updated blog post; I wrote a post all about Classic Apple Pie years ago and it was made over and over and I have some new thoughts on execution. What Are the Best Apples for Apple Pie? There are apples that are AWFUL for apple pie and GREAT for apple pie. Some apples are best for eating raw. Others are best for cooking on the stove-top for hours and hours that will give you the most delicious apple sauce. This is not an attack on any apple varietal what-so-ever. I am for all apples. But here are my favorites for apple pie that will keep their integrity/shape even when baked for an hour: – Honey crisp: The pie pictured uses ALL honey crisp apples. I don’t always do this but honey crisp apples are delicious and if you’re going to go with a very simple, one varietal type of pie, I say you can’t lose with honey crisp. – Granny […]

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