Houston Astros Decorated Cookies

Houston Astros Decorated Cookies: Bregman Stare, Hugs for Homers, I Literally Love Justin Verlander, Springer Dinger, Astros Rainbow Jersey

Well, our house is ready for the 2018 ALCS…if by ready you mean, have a stash of 3 dozen Astros-themed cookies.

You might have to be an Astros fan to "get" some of these cookies. I'll talk you through the colors and shapes used for them, though.

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net
Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : Bregman Stare, Dugout Stare

I grew up with the Astros. We watched them at the Astrodome and cheered for Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuuz! When I was a teenager, I distinctly remember one day when I was lifeguarding when the girl who checked IDs at the gate came into work and said, "the Astros just signed the CUTEST player." That player was Craig Biggio. ♥ (Side note: last month, I introduced myself to Craig in the Chicago airport baggage claim. Total dork fangirl moment. Someday I will be cool. No, I won't.)

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net

Then, the Astros flirted with a change in color…what were they thinking…but it was the time of Lance Berkman (Big Puma/Elvis), Roy Oswalt, and yes, Biggio, so we forgave them.

In case you missed it, the Astros WON THE WORLD SERIES last year and are about to compete in the ALCS. (Y'all this is the most sporty talk I've ever done.) You know how this goes…we needed cookies.

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