How Our New Favorite Netflix Show Is Making Us Better, Smarter Cooks

We’ve partnered with Netflix to celebrate Salt Fat Acid Heat, a new series that brings Samin Nosrat’s best-selling cookbook to life. But we’re doing more than just binge-watching the show…we’re getting our hands dirty in the kitchen, too.

“The secret to good cooking is hiding in plain sight,” says Samin Nosrat, the James Beard Award-winning food writer behind one of the most useful (and entertaining!) cookbooks on my bookshelf: Salt Fat Acid Heat. The four basic elements that make up the book’s title can make or break any dish, and you’d probably be surprised at the complexities of how they operate. But now, instead of just reading Salt Fat Acid Heat, you can watch Samin’s infectious energy and extensive knowledge in action thanks to a new Netflix series of the same name.