How To Make Pupusas

Pupusas are El Salvadorian stuffed corn cakes served with curtido. This pupusa recipe, you see pictured, has them filled with melty cheese, pickled jalapeño and roasted squash, but the sky is the limit!      Let me start by saying that if your grandmother makes pupusas, she probably makes them better than me. And if your grandmother taught you how to make her pupusas, then you probably make them better than me. But if you, like me, don’t have a Salvadorian grandmother and have never made them/heard of them, then I feel like you’re my target audience today. Since I’m Salvadorian-grandmother-less, this recipe on how to make pupusas started with me taking a trip to South Los Angeles to eat one of the best pupusas in this city at Los Churros. They were cheesy (oh so cheesy!), filling, hearty and so flavorful. What Are Pupusas?! Pupusas are made from masa harina (cormeal flour) or rice flour. They are usually stuffed with delicious things like refried beans, shredded pork or cheese. And since they tend to be so rich and cheesy, they are topped with a pickled cabbage situation that adds a refreshing, light and tangy element that really balances the […]

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