How to Make the Easiest 30-Minute, Comfy-Cozy Soups All Season

Haven’t you heard? It’s fall. You officially have permission to slow down, don your fuzziest slippers, and read a novel or two with a steamy drink in hand. Although…there’s also all the apple picking, and back-to-school decluttering, and travel planning, and (early, mind you) Thanksgiving prep. I guess fall’s not so slow, after all.

But the temps are cooling, and cozier soups, stews, and braises are calling. And those take a little time to put together (for starters, you’ll want to dust off your slow cooker). But what’s someone gotta do to cozy up when they’re short on time? Turns out, they’ve gotta make soup. In her fully revised, updated, and reissued edition of bestselling How to Cook Without a Book, 17 years after its initial publication, author and former Executive Editor of Cook’s Illustrated, Pam Anderson, shows us how to make the easiest, heartiest, comfiest main course soup—in under 30 minutes, with no need for a recipe. I, for one, am here for that.