How to Soothe a Kitchen Burn, STAT

Two Thanksgivings ago, I was whirling around our family kitchen, keeping an eye on the sweet potato casserole, stirring the cranberry sauce, and anxiously watching my dad give taste after taste of turkey to my sister. As I absentmindedly bent down to take the rolls out of the oven, I grazed my wrist on the rack and very nearly dropped the entire sheet pan as tears started flowing.

For anyone who has felt the splatter of hot oil or the sting of bubbling sauce, I don’t need to tell you how much a kitchen burn hurts. And for the lucky ones who haven’t, listen up. I spoke to Heather Van Horn, avid home cook and executive chef at the Mayo Clinic in LaCross, Wisconsin about ways to avoid getting scorched in the kitchen (and what to do if it happens anyway). Here’s what she had to say: