I Had Just 8 Hours in Copenhagen, So I Went Looking For Tacos

There have been many chapters in my never-ending quest for tacos. Chapter 254: In college, dragging my friends to an Oakland, CA, taco truck in between studying for finals (in case you couldn’t guess, not much studying got done). Chapter 139: Convincing my parents to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant a third night in a row because their crispy fish tacos are just that good. But one of my all-time favorites is Chapter 283: Copenhagen.

A few summers ago, I was on a Baltic cruise with my mom and grandmother (girls’ trip!). I am decidedly not a fan of cruising; one day in a port of call is only enough time for a small taste of a city, to get a real feel. There were many exciting stops (St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, etc.), but Copenhagen was the one I was most looking forward to because of, well, Noma. The only problem? I couldn’t get a reservation—not even for lunch (foolish of me to think I could, I know).