I Made Ina Garten's Famous Roast Chicken (and Here's What You Should Know) — Celebrity Recipe Review

If there is one thing Ina Garten is known for, it’s her roast chicken. It’s her signature dish for Friday night supper with Jeffrey, and anyone and everyone who’s ever made it raves about it. (Five stars! 1,000+ reviews!)

Yet despite the accolades and fanfare, I’d never actually made her version before. My go-to roast chicken recipe is actually Jacques Pepin’s — I’ve stuck with it for years for it’s sheer simplicity. But lately I’ve been less enthusiastic about it because of problems with the skin sticking to the skillet and lack of crispiness. So I decided to give Ina’s a try and, perhaps unsurprisingly, I loved it.

Get the recipe: Ina Garten’s Perfect Roast Chicken