I Tried 2 Famous Recipes for Parker House Rolls — Celebrity Recipe Showdown

Ever since my sister-in-law decided to start baking Parker House rolls for Thanksgiving a few years ago, our holiday has been better for it. After they were polished off in record time, we knew it would be a new holiday tradition, and now it’s one every single one of us looks forward to.

Parker House rolls are just about the most buttery, indulgent dinner rolls around. And while I love my sister-in-law’s recipe, I was curious to see how others fared in comparison, so I baked up a batch of two of the most popular ones on the internet — Martha Stewart’s and Ree Drummond’s — to compare. Here’s how things went and what I thought.

Recipe: Pioneer Woman’s Parker House Rolls
Recipe: Khalil Hymore’s Parker House Rolls, via Martha Stewart