Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread

I kissed a lot of cornbread frogs before I landed on this perfect Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread. This cornbread has crispy edges, a super moist crumb, flavorful (thanks to the cheese, cornmeal and jalapeño), it’s a teeny bit sweet and is delicious for days after. Before we dive in, let’s discuss what I love and want from cornbread. Cornbread History! Cornbread history has it that it first started with Native Americans grinding corn into cornmeal and mixing it with water and cooking it over a fire. It was simple back then. It evolved over time; people added buttermilk, leavening, pork fat, salt…all the good things. They often times cooked it on a gardening hoe, over an open flame, hence the name “hoe cake.” The method, technique and ingredients has varied so much throughout the years. Some argue that sugar should NEVER be added, while others love their cornbread to be super sweet. As a person who was born in the South but doesn’t consider herself a Southerner (with parents from South America), cornbread wasn’t exactly something I grew up eating. I had it at times when I went to southern restaurants but I didn’t grow up with a certain type of […]

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