Mini Chocolate Sheet Cake

This Mini Chocolate Sheet Cake is inspired by your favorite devil’s food cake. The crumb is light, rich and super flavorful. The frosting is fudge-y and delicious, incorporating melted chocolate and heavy cream. This is the perfect alternative to a large classic sheet cake. Top it with your favorite homemade sprinkles!  Disclaimer: This is an update on an old recipe. I replaced the raspberry frosting with fudge-y, delicious chocolate frosting. And obviously took new photos but really the cake recipe itself is the exact same. This recipe is perfect for a smaller chocolate cake. It’s made in an 8×8-inch brownie/cake pan. What is Devil’s Food Cake Devil’s Food Cake is also known as chocolate cake, fools! But there are some chocolate cake recipes out there that use melted chocolate; I opt for cocoa powder. Coffee in place of the hot water, adds a lovely enhanced chocolate flavor. There is a healthy amount of salt and the buttermilk gives this cake a super light texture. How to Make the Fudge-y Chocolate Frosting: Temper the chocolate. This is what gives the frosting the flavor and the color and flavor. And let it cool to mostly room temperature. A bit warm is ok, […]

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