Mini Strawberry Sheet Cake

Is there anything cuter than pink cake? I think not. This Mini Strawberry Sheet Cake is the perfect small batch cake. It has a deliciously fluffy texture and tastes EXACTLY like a fresh, sweet strawberry. Why Strawberry Cake is Amazing First of all, in the looks department this cake is a true winner. Beautifully, bright pink with pretty pink frosting. What’s not to love. In terms of flavor, it really does taste like strawberries. The strawberry flavor is VERY strong and present. The texture of this cake is like a white fluffy cake but with a big smack of strawberry flavor. How to Make Mini Strawberry Sheet Cake Roast the strawberries. I like to do this because it concentrates the strawberry flavor. Puree it up and this is what we’re using to add to the cake. Whisk up your dry ingredients. For this cake we’re using all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt. Admittedly, the flour measurement is annoying. I tried to round it up and it turned out dry. So here we are. Whisk up your wet ingredients. Since this is a white cake, we’re using egg whites ONLY, mixed with milk and the strawberry puree. It will look beautiful. […]

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