Mummy Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Hello cute, Mummy Dark Chocolate Cupcakes! If you’ve read this blog for a long time you probably know by now that Halloween ACTUALLY scares me. I was walking around in the neighborhood the other day and was frankly disturbed by some of the elaborate spooky decorations. People really get into it. These mummy cupcakes are about as spooky as I get. I’m more of a Christmas and Valentine’s Day girl, you know. But I do, however, stand by these cupcakes 100% in terms of flavor and cuteness. What is Black Cocoa Powder? These cupcakes are very dark chocolate flavor and color. They’re nearly black. So, what is black cocoa powder? Black cocoa powder is a cocoa powder that has been heavily Dutched. I know that might sound like a sex position but it’s not. Cocoa powder can be broken into two categories: Natural and Dutch. Natural means that the cocoa beans have been roasted, dried and then pulverized into a fine powder. Dutch means that cocoa beans have been washed in a potassium solution to remove the cocoa’s acidity. Have you ever wondered how an Oreo cookie or ice cream cookie sandwich is so dark? It’s because it uses black cocoa […]

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