Newlywed Santa and Mrs. Claus Cookies

Newlywed Santa and Mrs. Claus Cookies ♥

Do you ever wonder what Santa and Mrs. Claus looked like when they were younger? I do. Last week, I took a little poll on twitter asking about Mrs. Claus' hair color before she went grey. The overwhelming result was that Mrs. Claus must have been a redhead.

Newlywed Santa and Mrs. Claus Cookies ♥

Let's get two things out of the way before we get to the tutorial.

  1. Mrs. Claus' face is three times as wide as her husband's. 
  2. Young Santa bears a strong resemblance to Yukon Cornelious
Newlywed Santa and Mrs. Claus Cookies ♥

I used Sweet Sugarbelle cutters for these. The Mrs. Claus is the same cutter I used for these Dia de Los Muertos cookies. It's part of the original "shape shifter" kit. The Santa cookie cutter is self-explanatory, and the hearts are Sugarbelle's multi-heart cutter.

I'm all heart-eyes for candy cane-ish hearts for Mr. & Mrs. Claus. They're super easy. They're just piped and filled with white with just a few stripes of red icing across. I even like that some of the red goes over the side in a kind Jackson Pollock-type splatter. I dig it. It makes me feel artsy.

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