One Gluten-Free (Paleo!) Cake Mix, 100 Possibilities

Cake Magic! is a simple cookbook I wrote in 2016, one that’s resonated with many hesitant bakers out there, and a project I’m really proud of. It’s part fantasy—as any great book about cakes should be, with ethereal pictures that show perfect confections ready for the celebrations that await them—and part artist’s palette. It offers simple, staple recipes and techniques that can be mixed around according to the baker’s whim to create something entirely new, even if that baker has only baked from box mixes before. From one simple mix of flours and sugar stored in the pantry spans over 100 totally different cakes.

I had no idea when I wrote it that it would eventually feel like it belonged to someone else. That an idea that strong could break under the weight of life and somehow become shameful.