One Smart Cookie Graduation Cookies, 2019 version

One Smart Cookie Graduation Cookies ♥

Can you call something a tradition if you do it two years in a row? I'm starting a tradition, and this is year two. Since Jack was valedictorian of the very first graduating class of his high school, I thought it would be fun for him (*ahem, me?*) to give cookies to the valedictorian each subsequent year.

[NOTE: If you're in the Houston area and looking for a Catholic High School, Frassati Catholic is like no other. The love and the joy in both the faculty and students is something to behold. If you ever want a tour, let me know…I'll arrange it. (And probably meet you there.)]

One Smart Cookie Graduation Cookies ♥

But I digress. Cookies. We were talking cookies. Last year, I made this version. I did think those were cute…and they're fewer steps to make…I like these better. How can you not love graduation cap-wearing, glasses-sporting chocolate chip cookies???

One Smart Cookie Graduation Cookies ♥

You can obviously customize the cap and tassel to coordinate with the school. This blue shade is a combination of Americolor Electric and Royal Blue. I loooooove it.

I used two cookie cutters and pieced them together to make this shape. The glasses are made from a Sweet Sugarbelle template. (You'll need to make these at least a day ahead.) Let me walk you through it…

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