Oreo Continues to Outdo Itself, This Time with a Carrot Cake Flavor — Food News

Join me on a journey to the past, to a simpler time. You were a kid, coming home from school. First thing you did after dropping your book bag on the floor was pour yourself a glass of milk and pull the blue package of Oreos out of the cupboard before your parents caught you. Back then, of course, the Oreo formula had only a few variations, and you stuck to the classic: Vaguely vanilla crème sandwiched between chocolate cookies. It did not occur to you in your wildest dreams that this cookie recipe could ever be improved upon. It seemed — and probably still does, to your adult brain — perfect.

And yet, we find ourselves in an era when Oreo is absolutely dead set on remaking the Oreo in almost every flavor combination it can reasonably (and to be honest, sometimes unreasonably) translate into cookie form. The latest flavor? Carrot cake.