Paper Quilling – How to make a Quilled Pumpkin

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How cute are these pumpkins? These step by step Paper Quilling instructions for a Quilled Pumpkin is a perfect Halloween craft for kids.

Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling projects are seriously so fun.  If you are wondering how to paper quill we have a step by step instruction guide below that can show you how easy it is and how adorable they turn out.  These quilled pumpkins are fun for quilled cards or for Halloween decoration.  They would look super cute with our Quilled Spider.  I have included full step by step directions below so you can make this easy quilled pumpkin yourself. Have fun!   

Quilled Pumpkin-
Paper Quilling Project

Pumpkin Paper QuillingList of Supplies:
1. Quilling paper strips
2. Craft paper – white, pink and orange
3. Black sharpie
4. Craft glue
5. Slotted quilling tool
6. Scissors

Paper Quilling – How to make a Quilled Pumpkin Craft

How to Paper Quill

  1. Take a long piece (about 20 inch) of quilling strip and use the slotted quilling tool to coil the whole strip. Take out the coil from the tool and allow the coil to loosen up.Free Paper Quilling Pattern
  2. Take 3 pieces of small (3 inch), green colored quilling strips. Create 3 shapes with them – one loose coil, one teardrop shape and one lens shape.How to do paper quilling
  3. Cut out 2 round pieces from white craft paper and use black sharpie to draw the outlines and the eye balls; these will be the eyes of the pumpkin. Cut out the mouth pattern from a pink colored craft paper.How to make paper quilling
  4. Take a piece of orange colored craft paper and use craft glue to trace a pumpkin outline on it; the size of the pumpkin outline should be same as the size of the loose coil prepared in step 1.Quilling projects
  5. Place the loose coil on the glued area of the orange craft paper. Nicely adjust the outer end of the loose coil along the outer end of the glue traced pumpkin shape.Quilling Halloween
  6. Carefully cut the orange craft paper all around the coils’ outer edge.Halloween Quilling
  7. Glue the teardrop shape on the top middle part of the coiled pumpkin. Also, glue the loose coil on any one side of the teardrop shape and the lens shaped piece on the other side of it.Quilled Pumpkin
  8. And finally glue the eyes and the mouth on the quilled pumpkin on their laces. Allow the glue to dry entirely.

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Quilled Pumpkin Craft


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