Potty-Mouthed Dog Mamas Will Love the Sh*t Out of These Profane Pet Products

Let’s face it: no one knows us as well as our pets do. They know when we sneak into the kitchen for a secret late-night snack after everyone else has gone to bed, they hear our hour-long phone calls b*tching about the kids, and most importantly, they know how much we curse. It’s truly a good thing that our four-legged family members aren’t keeping track of the frequent F-bombs we release every time we have to pick up a big poop.

In honor of all the “sh*ts” and “f*cks” we utter that our pets let slide, we figured it was only fair for them to get in on the swearing fun, and found some of the coolest, curse-infused pet products on the internet. From “F*ck off” bandanas to “I’m an assh*le and ran away” collar tags, and everything else in between, these items are sure to make any potty-mouthed pet feel right at home.