Pretzel Tot Queso Fundido

Say hello to my cheesy dreams: Pretzel Tot Queso Fundido. Here’s what makes up this glorious cast iron skillet: – Pretzel tots on the outside of the skillet. – In the center, there is a cheese dip full of pickled jalapeños from Rio Luna. Sounds simple enough but it’s absolutely glorious. For this post, I teamed up with Rio Luna Organic Peppers. The queso fundido in the center honestly didn’t need much because these pickled jalapeños are so flavorful and delicious. Another plus: Rio Luna Peppers and Chiles are certified organic, GMO-free and kosher. They’ve also been used by professional chefs for years. To make the peppers, Rio Luna works with trusted growing partners who utilize key sustainability practices such as drip irrigation, recycling initiatives and crop rotation to cultivate the best possible chiles and peppers in the most responsible way. Let’s dive into making these! How to Make Pretzel Tot Queso Fundido: I’m no stranger to queso fundido. I fell in love with it years ago. This isn’t the hardest recipe but admittedly, there are some steps so let’s discuss them. You’ll need to first make the pretzel dough, which is super easy. – mix together the instant yeast […]

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