Seven-Layer Cookie Cookies

Seven-Layer Cookie Cookies

We are big fans of the 7-layer cookie around here. I make the classic often. I've also dipped them, made 7-layer cookie ice cream, and made a few different varieties.

Jack loves a 7-layer cookie. I wanted to send a care package to him as soon as we got home from dropping him off for sophomore year, but I wondered how the traditional bars would hold up to the still hot temperature in transit.

Seven-Layer Cookie Cookies ♥ your favorite 7-layer bars in cookie form

So, I decided to try a cookie version of a 7-layer cookie. That sounds weird, but you know what I mean, right? I used this recipe (my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe) as the basic base of the cookie. Yes, it's the one that chills in the fridge for 36 hours before baking. Yes, it's totally worth the weight.

I added the traditional chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut, and pecans to the dough. For the chocolate chips, I used mainly Nestle semisweet because that's what I use in my traditional 7-layer cookies. I also added in some premium semisweet chips AND some semisweet wafers for those big chunks of chocolate.

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