Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Flavorful slow cooker creamy chicken, vegetable and gnocchi soup. An easy and comforting dinner, perfect for cooler months.

Slow cooker creamy chicken gnocchi soup recipe from @bakedbyrachel

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Slow cooker creamy chicken gnocchi soup recipe from @bakedbyrachel

I told you before and it still stands true… January is soup month in my eyes. The perfect chilly weather to curl up with a warm bowl of homemade soup. I have my favorites that I’ll absolutely go to time and time again. Some I’ll absolutely never get sick of and will always recommend. I’m sure we can all say that!

This chicken gnocchi soup will absolutely be at the top of my soup list. It’s insanely good. It’s basically a cross between a creamy potato soup and chicken pie soup.

Incredibly flavorful. Super comforting. And SO easy to whip up.

This will hands down become a new favorite in your house too!

It requires such little prep or hands on time that there’s zero reason to pass this one up!

Be sure to add this easy slow cooker creamy chicken gnocchi soup to your dinner plans!

Slow cooker creamy chicken gnocchi soup recipe from @bakedbyrachel

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