The 10 Cookbooks Every Home Cook Needs, According to a Bookstore Owner

What are the cookbooks that have changed the way you cook? The ones that have taught you something new about a technique, or introduced you to ingredient you didn’t know you loved. Books with multiple dog-eared pages and floury thumbprints on the corners. The ones with recipes you make near-weekly; that you serve at every gathering with friends; that you’ve all but memorized. The ones that you’ll keep in your collection for life.

Celia Sack, owner and buyer at San Francisco’s Omnivore Books on Food, knows a thing or two about these kinds of books—her beautiful store features hundreds of them, both modern and vintage. And this weekend, she’s celebrating 10 years of connecting home cooks with the books that inspire them. We recently spoke with Celia about the the best tip she’s ever learned from a cookbook; the delights and challenges of owning her own small business; and the 10 essential cookbooks every home cook needs on their shelves.