The 10 Most Insanely Elaborate Great British Baking Show Creations of All Time

I have a lot of dreams about Great British Baking Show. Admittedly, some of them take the form of nightmares about Paul Hollywood pinching a piece of my freshly made sourdough boule between his thumb and forefinger while hissing “underbaked.” Or of my carefully rolled out laminations melting together in the hot, hot tent, before they can hit the oven and puff. Or of—oh god—my dough overproofing. (Please love me still, Paul. Please.)

But, the vast majority are pleasant ones, like where I’m sampling layers of a chessboard-shaped cake, tearing off a single “flower petal” on an intricately braided wreath bread, or biting the beak off of a meringue flamingo.