The 3 Stickiest Foods We Only Ever Cook in a Nonstick Skillet

Didn’t you hear? We’re in the age of the cast-iron skillet. Before that it was all about the bright and shiny and new stainless steel pan: It’s what all the Food Network chefs were using on TV. Way before that was the cast-iron skillet, again—or rather, the first time. Think: Mama Joad’s biscuits and gravy in Dust Bowl–era California…

It seems that in the past five years or so, you can’t turn a corner without seeing a love letter to cast iron. It’s the best pan, they say, the only way to cook in 2018. You’re not a real bonafide cook’s cook if you don’t cook in cast iron. I actually do agree with this to an extent (I j’adore my 10-inch skillet, even my tiny 3 1/2-inch one—a single filet mignon cooks up gorgeously in it).