The Absolute Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Champagnes, According to a Wine Expert

You can catch me drinking Champagne pretty much all year long, because I consider any occasion—be it a low-key night in with friends to a full-blown cocktail party—a celebration. So on New Year’s Eve —Champagne’s unofficially official holiday—you can bet I’ll be pouring myself (and my parents) glass after glass of the good stuff as we ring in 2019.

Except this year, instead of grabbing any old random bottle off the shelf (I may love bubbly, but I’m no expert) I turned to John Slover, a sommelier (a fancy word for someone that knows a boat-load about wine) and corporate beverage director for Major Food Group, the team behind New York City spots like Dirty French and Carbone. Since I can’t spend my entire New Year’s Eve budget on Champagne alone (a girl’s gotta eat, too!), I asked John for the best bang-for-your-buck bottles, the ones that offer up a supreme tasting experience without any serious sticker shock.