The Best January Aldi Finds to Start 2019 Off on the Right Foot — Shopping

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, we got a sneak peak at the Aldi Finds that will hit stores in January. (Not familiar with Aldi Finds? Every Wednesday, Aldi grocery stores around the country bring new products into rotation for a limited time. And they’re called, you guessed it, Aldi Finds. These special products can be anything from frozen pizzas with fun toppings, to drawer organizers, and even trampolines.)

January’s Aldi Finds are mostly grocery items — although there are $20 Lightweight Cast Iron Dutch Ovens and Braisers coming out on January 2 — and we quickly noticed three main themes. There’s healthy stuff, snack-y items for the Super Bowl, and treats for Valentine’s Day.

Here are the 10 Aldi Finds for January that we’re the most excited about.