The Chocolate Sandwich Cookies I Beg My Sister to Bake Every Year

My favorite gift from my younger sister is cookies. Chocolate sandwich cookies to be exact. When we were in high school, she uncovered—and perfected—a recipe for homemade Oreos. I can picture her in the kitchen, earnestly focused on filling each cookie with a generous dollop of buttercream. I’d beg her to make them when we were home together.

Ever since then, she’ll occasionally surprise me with a package of them in the mail. When I see a box outside my door with her return address in Maine, I hold my breath hoping it’s cookies. I unpack them and store them in the freezer. I savor each one, eating them in tiny bites to make them last. I love how good they taste: the rich chocolate wafers, the sweet filling with a touch of vanilla and salt to balance the sugar. I love that the cookies are crisp on the edges and slightly soft in the center so they don’t shatter too much under your teeth. And, most of all, I love that they’re a labor of love.