The Dreamy Mushroom Ragu I Love More Than My Boyfriend…Almost

My boyfriend and I are long-distance, so we get to see each other about once every three months. When we are together, we like to cook, explore whichever city we’re in (usually Berkeley or New York City, where we each live respectively), and spend a healthy amount of time vegging out on the couch watching Netflix (Chef’s Table, Parks & Rec, you know, the modern classics). While we try not to schedule out our time too strictly, there’s one tradition we’ve yet to break: date night.

We take this quarterly date night very seriously, and spend weeks picking out a restaurant with the right balance of menu options (he’s a vegetarian, so there’s got to be at least a few different choices for him), ambience (romantic, not stuffy), and budget (sometimes we splurge, sometimes we keep it low-key). For some reason, we always gravitate towards Italian food, and that helps narrow down our choices.