The Easy, Cheesy Casserole That’s Always on My Sunday Dinner Table

We’re partnering with Lagostina to celebrate the Italian Sunday dinner with stories, recipes, and videos about this special family tradition. Here, Tuscan food writer and photographer Giulia Scarpaleggia shares her mom’s potato gateau recipe, a Sunday dinner favorite.

Try as I might, Sunday afternoons are often the only moment when I can enjoy a walk along my favorite country road, under the enormous Tuscan oak trees I’ve known since I was a child. I relish these moments—a brisk walk in the crisp fall air always leaves me with reddened cheeks and a good appetite—but I love lazy Sunday afternoons indoors, too. I could spend hours on the sofa dreaming over a new cookbook, adding bookmarks to every recipe I want to try, or watching the last episode of my favorite TV series. For as much as I enjoy cooking and having friends over for dinner, Sunday afternoons are not meant for spending hours in the kitchen in between dirty pots and pans—they’re meant for relaxing.