The Game-Changing Ingredient Your Steak Has Been Waiting For

If you’re into matcha, you’ve probably noticed this spring-green superfood turning up as matcha smoothies and desserts, like cookies, ice cream and cake. Count me in as a devotee of this whole-leaf powdered green tea in all forms—both for its unique tastes and energy boost. But lately, I’ve been on a tangential path with matcha: exploring its savory side to use in cooking.

Lucky enough, I had access to an expert guide, organic green tea importer Kiyomi Koike of Sei Mee Tea. She recently spent an afternoon in my kitchen tutoring me on the science of matcha (the qualities of the antioxidant catechins, including the wonder compound EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate, and the gently stimulating L-Theanine). After all, it’s matcha that introduced people like me to the notion of ingesting green tea instead of steeping it and discarding the leaves.