The Simplest Vegetarian Green Curry & Noodle Bowls, Ready in Under 30 Minutes

Let me paint you a picture of me on a winter weeknight: I arrive home, fling down my bag, and within 30 seconds have already changed into the softest oversized clothing I can get my hands on. I crank the heat and double up on socks, because my apartment is draftier than a helicopter landing pad in a high-budget action movie.

Next up? Some sort of noodle bowl. I’ve said it before, and I’ll stand by it for life: There’s nothing cozier than a big bowl of noodles. And on a weeknight, it’d better be quick and convenient. Thanks to Thai green curry paste, I’ve recently added a new iteration that’s delightfully greener and more veg-forward than the cheesier fare I keep on rotation. It’s a flavorful, nuanced vegetarian green curry so warm and hearty, I never miss the meat.