The Unexpected Secret to the Softest, Fluffiest Focaccia

When I worked as a cook in a hotel restaurant, one of my tasks during afternoon dinnertime prep was to dole out plates of high-tea sandwiches and desserts as the orders ringed in. The pastry chefs would roll carts laden with sandwiches and beautiful tiny pastries into our fridge and leave us to it. The focaccia bread would be brought down at the same time and handed off to the servers to cut and fill breadbaskets.

If I was quick, I could sneak pieces of warm focaccia bread before service and let it melt in my mouth so no one would see me chewing. The focaccia bread was so incredibly soft it’s what I imagine biting into a pillow would feel like. The bottom was golden brown and crispy—like the base of a deep-dish pizza. Combine that with a springy interior, a crusty, salty top and you have everything you need from one loaf of bread.