This Trusty Gadget Makes Flying With Little Ones a Breeze

Before my husband and I had our daughter Lana, we talked about how we’d try our hardest not to let having a child get in the way of our traveling―a hobby we enjoyed immensely, of course, but also a necessity with both of our families living abroad. For the most part, we made well on that promise, especially when Lana was just a baby.

Up until she was about nine or 10 months old, we would reserve the bassinet seats on flights, and have her sleep, play, and sit up in this cozy space. That was a dream compared to the forthcoming early toddler years (I’d say 12 to 24 months), which were, in my opinion, the most challenging. Not only are they starting to be on the move (read: unable to sit still), they’re also just learning to communicate their needs through words. They’re up! They’re down! They’re all around! Trust me when I say I’ve never yearned more for those leisurely solo flights of yore, when US Weekly, Vanity Fair, and Gardetto’s (you know what’s up!) were my only distractions from in-flight movie marathons.